ALPCapital has been a member of AFIC (French Association of Capital Investors) since 2007

As part of its operations, ALPCapital works in respect with the AFIC Code of Conduct

The manager

Luc Lechelle, an Information Technology industry veteran with operational experience, has joined the venture capital industry in 97. A partner at Dassault Venture fund, Luc invested in French IT firms and became Head of AXA Private Equity Venture Funds in 2003, focusing on Information technology, Communication Life Sciences, and managing 250 million euros and 40 portfolio companies. Luc is a former president of AFIC's retail funds FCPI and a former President of AFG Capital Investment commission. He advises Dahlia, Natixis PE fund, for the management of more than 50 Technology firms, previously OSEO ANVAR portfolio.